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Are You Looking for a Thermal Label Printer?

If you want the most economical label printing solution, thermal label printers are the right technology for you to consider.

Thermal printers offer many advantages in addition to their low cost. Because they do not use ink or toner, the thermal printer will not have the problems associated with other printer types, and does not involve as much stopping and starting, making thermal a great choice for industrial level label printing.Thermal printing is also a more environmentally friendly printing method, since you won’t be disposing of used cartridges or buying new cartridges.

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Those cartridges require a lot of resources to make, including plastics, copper, electronic semiconductors, other electronic components, and some components contain toxic elements and compounds. These cartridges do not biodegrade and are a significant landfill problem. Using thermal printing is the environmentally responsible choice.

Of course the main reason most people choose thermal Label printers is for the significant savings they can make compared to using other printer types, and that alone is a very good reason.

How thermal label printer technology works

There are actually two different possible ways for thermal printing to work. The first method is direct thermal printing, and the second is thermal transfer printing. They are very different methods, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Many thermal printers, especially the more expensive ones, are capable of using both methods, and you can select which method you want to use based on the type of paper you are using.

Paper intended for direct thermal printing is slightly more costly than normal paper, but still less costly than printing to normal paper with ink or toner.

Whuch Thermal Label Printer is Right for You?

A direct thermal print involves using chemically treated heat-sensitive paper. The print head moves over the paper and focuses very quick bursts of high heat energy on the paper at specific points. The points where the heat is focused change colour, while the surrounding paper remains white. The result is very crisp, clear images without the need to use anything other than the printer and the paper.

The one disadvantage of direct thermal printing is that because it uses special paper, that paper can become discoloured if exposed to heat sources including prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, being stored in the glove compartment of a car, or being exposed to fire.

For situations where something like that might be a problem, thermal transfer printing can be the answer. Instead of requiring heat sensitive paper, this method transfers an image to the paper by focusing the heat through a chemical film ribbon, which means a bit of extra work in setting up and increased complications, but still better results than other monochrome printing methods, and improved heat tolerance compared to direct thermal printing.

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