Zebra High Performance Printers

In a heavy industry environment, you need a heavy duty printer, and for thermal label printing, nothing comes close to the quality and economy of Zebra high performance printers, which is why DAL stocks and recommends them.

The key feature of these Zebra high performance label printers is the incredible printing speeds they are capable of, while remaining robust and reliable on even the largest print runs.

Whatever your expectations are now, prepare to have them blown away by the sheer performance capability of Zebra high performance printers.

Built to perform

When a printer is classed as “high performance” it should be expected to deliver on the promise, and the Zebra Xi range of high performance label printers will not let you down.

Beauty and strength

The Zebra Xi printers look the part, and more importantly they’re solidly constructed with a strong metal case that can stand up to the potential punishments an industrial environment can dish out.

Blazingly fast

The Zebra Xi printers are rated as up to 40 percent faster than typical printers in their class, and also have fast data transfer ability with their 10/100 Ethernet connection built-in (just one of many connectivity options available to you).

Awesome control

There’s no other word to describe a printer that you can control from anywhere (and we mean anywhere). The included ZebraLink™ technology gives you superior connectivity, allowing you to control your printer from the shop floor, your office desk, or from 40,000 feet on an intercontinental flight. Absolutely anywhere.

The large LCD display included on the printer control panel also allows workers to quickly and easily perform any required printer setup and control functions on the spot, so any situation can be handled without significant interruptions to work flow.

Early warning system

Know in advance when your label supply or transfer ribbon supply is dwindling. You can even set up this early warning system to send you an email about the situation. It’s just one more feature that helps avoid interruptions to your workflow, improving productivity due to reduced downtime.

High capacity

You can load up your Zebra Xi thermal label printer with label rolls containing tens of thousands of individual labels, and (best of all) your printer won’t quit until they’re all done. Then simply replace the roll and you’re good to go with the next batch.

Two great models available from DAL right now

An entry-level high performance printer with an entry-level price, the Zebra 110XI4 thermal printer is packed with so many features you would easily expect to pay a lot more, yet if you buy from DAL this amazing workhorse still costs less than $4,000.

When you need even more from your printer, choose the Zebra 170XI4, a bigger and better printer, with larger label capacity, available from DAL today for just a little over $6,000.

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