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There are many different ways to print labels, but to be sure of complete accuracy even when staff are not expert label designers, it helps to have specialist software for label printers.

DAL provides label printing software that can make labels printed by anyone look completely professional.

Our Label Printing Software is the Best on the Market

We prefer and recommend BarTender barcode label software, which promises excellent label printing results, even with tricky bar codes (often the most difficult printing task to master).

BarTender makes the label design and printing process so incredibly easy, you can leave your label printing in the hands of a complete novice and still expect to see amazing results.

This software only runs on the Windows operating system (you may be able to find a way to run it under an emulated Windows environment, but this is not officially supported by the creators of the software).

There are many different versions of the software and the system requirements vary according to which version you are running.

The 32 bit Basic and Professional versions require a minimum of 1GB of RAM and 2GB of free hard drive space. The 64 bit versions require a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 3GB of free hard drive space.

The system requirements for the 32 bit Automation and Enterprise Automation editions is even steeper, requiring 4GB of RAM (the maximum RAM supported by 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows), and 20GB of free hard drive space.

The most hungry editions of all are the 64 bit Automation and Enterprise Automation editions, which require a massive 8GB of RAM and 20GB of free hard drive space.

All these system requirements may seem excessive for something as theoretically simple as label printing software, but once you see this product in action, you will understand why it demands so much in terms of resource consumption in order to do what it does.

The different editions also have different licensing conditions. The Basic and Professional editions are licensed on a per PC basis, so one license is required for each device. The Automation and Enterprise Automation editions are licensed on a per printer basis, meaning many different PC users could operate the software through a single printer without needing an individual licence of each user.

Naturally the cost of the Automation and Enterprise Automation editions is higher, but on sites where there are sufficient numbers of people needing label printer access, this licensing model will be a more economical option.

All editions of BarTender require you to have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or higher installed on your PC. During setup, the software will try to detect if the framework is installed, and if not, will attempt to automatically install it from the Microsoft website.

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