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We are DAL, the one-stop shop for all your freight and logistics labelling needs. With access to innovative printing methods and the best quality materials, all our shipping labels guarantee a lasting finish.

Freight and Logistics Labels for Your Diverse Needs

Are you looking for an efficient and quick solution for your freight and logistics labelling needs? If yes, we are at your service with our top-quality freight and logistics labels. Our readymade labels are what you need to quickly sort out your labelling requirements and prepare your products for dispatch. At DAL, we are home to premium quality shipping and handling labels that are made specifically to withstand the wear and tear involved in any shipment procedure. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the industry’s demands, we’re a trusted supplier of pre-printed labels that simplify your shipping process, enhance organisation, and ensure compliance.

If you are a logistic company with regular label requirements, you can find affordable and long-lasting custom shipping labels with us. For us quality is the top priority, so we only use materials that promise a long-lasting finish. From materials to adhesives, we only use the best and deliver labels that won’t peel off and compromise your logistic procedure.

Why Invest in our Shipping and Handling Labels?

Finding a transport or logistic label for your business is easy, but finding a durable and efficient one can be tough. But when you connect with us at DAL, you ensure your access to such labels and also at the best prices in the industry.

Quality Assurance
We employ the best printing and use top-quality materials to manufacture our labels. It ensures durability and legibility and a quality second to none.

Prompt Delivery
We understand that your shipment label needs might be time-sensitive as they are required to undertake all your shipments. So, at DAL we promise quick order processing and delivery to ensure a satisfactory result.

Price Beat Guarantee
At DAL we deliver the best transport and freight labels at the best prices in the industry. If you can find a similar quality product at a lower price, we will be sure to match the price for you.

Continuous Support
We will always keep you in the loop regarding your order and make sure you know when your order will be dispatched and delivered.

So, if that satisfies your expectations, then choose us for all your shipping and handling labelling needs. In case you have any questions regarding our products or delivery procedure, you can reach out to us directly.

Find all Logistics Labels Under One Roof

There are diverse logistic labelling needs and at DAL we aim to cater to them all. With us, you will find all the logistics labels you need to smoothly undertake your entire shipment and delivery procedure.

Shipping Labels
Our shipping labels contain fields for all essential information like destination, returns address, barcodes, etc., and can easily be stuck to all your packages and parcels.

Handling Labels
We are also stocked on handling labels (written in legible font style and size) mentioning the proper care and handling procedures for fragile, hazardous or temperature-sensitive shipments.

Packing List Labels
If you are a logistics company, our packing list labels can come in handy for you. You can streamline your entire order fulfilment process and ensure easy tracking and verification by pasting our packing list labels on all your dispatches.

Hazardous Materials Labels
Ensure compliance with Australian safety regulations and guidelines with our hazardous materials labels. We also include standardised symbols and information, for full compliance.

Barcoded Labels
All our barcode shipping labels work well with all scanning systems and are perfect for simplifying your entire inventory management system.

Warehouse Labels
Before your products are out for delivery, they are stored in your warehouse. For efficient storage, labelling is key. You can add all the basic product details to our warehouse labels and ensure systematic storage.

Place Your Order Today!

Whether you need freight labels for your warehouse storage needs, to fulfil your bulk order or to simply send a package to your loved one, we are at your service with our freight and logistic labels. Irrespective of the quantity you order, we will be sure to complete the order within the specified time frame. We never give in to delays of any kind as we know it can hinder your entire order fulfilment process. So, if you have been looking for dependable and ready-made solutions for all your major and minor shipping and handling labels needs, connect with us at DAL today. We are Victoria’s trusted label supplier and a team known for delivering premium labelling solutions. If you have specific label requirements or would like to inquire about customization, you can reach out to us and initiate an inquiry. If you want more than ready-made labels and wish to add something unique, let us know and we would be happy to help.

To know more about our freight labels or shipping labels, connect with us at (03) 9764 2882 or [email protected].

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