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An introduction to Zebra medical label printing from Dial-A-Label

Dedicated medical industry printers have traditionally been expensive and complicated. Thanks to Zebra Technologies, that no longer needs to be the case.
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Are You Lookinf For Custom Medical Labels or Stickers?

Zebra manufactures a range of quality printers ideal for use as a medical label maker. These printers are inexpensive to buy and economical to operate. Most label printing needs in medical environment can be met by direct thermal printing, which is able to save money and complexity by not requiring the use of expensive inks or toners.

The Benefits of a Zebra Medical Label Printer

You can use a medical label printer for:

  • Custom medical labels
  • Medical stickers
  • Medical barcode labels
  • Patient wristband identification labels or tags
  • Pharmacy labels
  • Labels for specimen jars
  • Labels for blood bags
  • Labels for application to triage forms
  • Labels for application to medical charts
  • Labels for asset tracking
  • Equipment instruction labels
  • Safety labels
  • and many more things

With so many versatile uses, your organization can definitely benefit from investing in a medicine label maker. Zebra thermal label printers are available in Australia from Dial-A-Label.

We are the biggest and best supplier of label printers to the Australian medical industry, and you can rely on us for the best value and service.

How Zebra label printers are ideal for the medical industry

Zebra label printers have many features that make them highly suitable for use in medical environments.

The number one advantage is that because they are thermal printers, they don’t emit any droplets or particles into the surrounding air. Thermal printing is cleaner, quieter, more efficient, and more economical than any other printing method.

Because the exterior casing of the printers is fully enclosed, infiltration by airborne pathogens or bodily fluids is made less possible, and the units can be fully sanitized to hospital grade standards.

To make rapid identification easier, labels can be printed with barcodes and QR codes that can be scanned to provide instant and accurate data feedback.

The printing quality of these products is also exceptional, with clear, legible, perfect printing every time at resolutions from 200 dpi to 600 dpi, depending on the model in use.

In a medical emergency, being able to make rapid and accurate identification of printed information could make the difference between life and death. The outstanding quality of Zebra label printing is a significant advantage for medical personnel.

About Dial-A-Label’s Medical Labels & Printers

We stock the very best label printing products and accessories available in Australia. We make these products available to our customers at discounted prices and provide added value through all the extra things we do.

These things include making ordering more convenient, providing a secure online environment for transaction processing, shipping products fast and direct without delay, and providing generous warranty and return policies.

For all your medical label printing needs, you can rely on Dial-A-Label. More information is available by calling us on the number shown on this page or using our contact form to leave a message.
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