Zebra Mid Range Printers

For the best in Mid Range Printers, look no further than ZEBRA printers.

The ZEBRA range printers are designed and built to perform consistently in 24/7, mission critical operations.

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To suit your light industrial label printing requirements, it is impossible to look past the fantastic line of Zebra mid range printers for quality and value.

The standout points of the Zebra mid range label printers is that they are extremely reliable, and they also have a low selling price, making them ideal for installation in a warehouse or factory setting where multiple printing stations may be required.

Setting up multiple print stations can result in more efficient work flow. It’s certainly better to have 10 x $1,500 printers compared to 1 x $15,000 printer in those circumstances where you have a lot of goods to be labelled and dispatched.

It’s also, for obvious reasons, preferable to having 10 x $15,000 printers. This is why DAL recommends and supplies the Zebra range to our small business and light industrial customers. There is simply no better printer available for the price, and nobody has a better price than DAL.

Let’s take a look at some of the Zebra mid range label printers on offer:

Zebra ZT230 Midrange Thermal Label Printer

This is an extremely capable printer, exceptional for its low cost and high quality. Able to work as both a direct thermal printer and a thermal transfer printer, it is wonderfully versatile.

A compact design ready to be installed directly at the work station, it features a rugged all metal case for maximum durability, a graphical user interface for rapid setup and control, and a small footprint.

The 450m/1476 ribbon capacity means those who need to use the printer in thermal transfer mode will need to make fewer ribbon changes, resulting in greater uptime. Of course using the printer for direct thermal printing means maximum economy and continuous printing for as long as your label supply lasts.

The 230 dpi output provides more than enough quality for labelling tasks, and ensures you get crisp labels with excellent legibility every time you print.

Zebra ZT410 Midrange Thermal Label Printer

Offering all the benefits of the ZT230, the ZT410 is also loaded with extra features, giving you even more options and flexibility.

Whereas the ZT230 is confined to a USB connection, the ZT400 offers USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth options, for whatever kind of connectivity best suits your setup.

It’s a strong, heavy duty, light industrial printer that will handle anything you can throw at it.

Another feature, that it shares in common with its bigger brother, the ZT420, is that it has expanded RFID capabilities.

Zebra ZT420 Midrange Thermal Label Printer

When nothing but the very best will do, the Zebra ZT420 is the printer you want. This is the most powerful Zebra thermal printer on offer, brimming with all the latest technology and design features.

This is a fast, high capacity, reliable printer that will provide top quality results in any industrial environment.

You can buy Zebra Printers and Parts with us. Look into few more label printers before you buy.

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