Small Handheld Label Printers for Office

Looking for a Office Label Printer?

Label printing in the office usually is based around meeting two specific needs. One of these is for internal use, labelling things around the office or elsewhere at the work site. The other main purpose is for use on envelopes and packages.

There is hardware and label stock to suit each specific purpose. For example, if all you need to do is create a quick label to identify the contents of a container, you could take care of this most easily with a handheld label maker. That would not be the most appropriate item of equipment to create a mailing label, however.
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We Provide the Best Office Label Printers in Australia

Dial-A-Label has everything you need, from small label printers up to industrial sized machines that can print thousands of labels per hour.

You can also buy label stock from us, either for use with dedicated small handheld label printers or with your existing office printers that are able to print on label stock.

Of course we also stock all the accessories and supplemental supplies such as inks, toners, replacement print heads, and so on.

By having everything you need in one place, Dial-A-Label makes the process of ordering office label printing supplies easy and convenient.

The mobile printer advantage

The most economical label printing solution for most purposes in an office environment is thermal printing. The reason is that it does not require the use of inks or toners. You save money by not having to pay for the replacement of these relatively expensive items, but also due to less wear on the printer itself.

Even the best inkjet office printers, for example, can suffer from clogged nozzles occasionally, and we’ve all seen what happens when laser printer toner cartridges explode. With thermal printers, these problems are non-existent and they will give many years of reliable performance.

Best selling thermal products in the office price range are Zebra and Dymo branded products, which are notable for their high quality and value prices.

Quick and easy labels with a handheld printer

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 printer is suited to most label printing tasks, and is very easy to operate. It comes with official software for Windows and Mac OSX, while CUPS drivers can be easily downloaded for Linux.

Address labels and shipping labels come in various sizes. They are sold on reels which are very easy to mount into the small, handheld printer.

The software that comes with the office printer has templates for use with every type of Dymo label, so all you need to do is open the application, select the type of label you are going to print, then type and format the text of your label. When you are ready, you can print the label, and you can even save your work so it’s ready to go next time you need to print the same label.

The process is quick, safe, clean, and quiet. Dymo does not use messy inks or toners, does not give off toxic fumes, and produces very clear prints every time with no striping, streaking, or fading. It is a compact handheld printer with a low price and inexpensive label stock.

Invest in a Small, Handheld Office Label Printer Today!

Zebra label printers are bigger, stronger, more heavy duty label printers than Dymo, and the best choice for offices that do a lot of label printing, or that ship a lot of items with courier services such as StarTrack Express.

For StarTrack labels it is hard to beat the Zebra GC420d. This is a direct thermal printer that can print large volumes of shipping labels at high speed with perfect accuracy. The printer comes with drivers for Windows, and there are downloadable CUPS drivers for Mac OSX, Linux, and Unix available.

This is just one of many Zebra printers available from Dial-A-Label, but it deserves special mention due to it’s very robust construction and perfect suitability for StarTrack shipping labels.
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