Dial-A-Label is Australia’s number one supplier for Zebra label printers and Zebra barcode printers. We are the best because we provide genuine value for all our customers regardless of the size of their business or how much volume they buy from us.

Are You Looking for a Zebra Label Printing Machine?

We do not discriminate in favour of larger buyers, but of course buying Zebra label printers and supplies in bulk will help you save money. In any case, even if you are just a simple one man business, you’ll get the same fast shipping, discount price, and genuine after sales support for your Zebra label machine as any other customer.

The best choice of printer for you depends on what your needs are. We are happy to advise, or you can check the brief guide below to learn more about specific printers in the range.

There are a huge variety of different ways in which labels can be used to enhance the everyday productivity and efficiency of a workplace, from making it quicker and easier to get a number of different names and addresses onto a pile of different envelopes to keeping desks and files organised. But in recent years, one piece of decades-old technology – the barcode – has been enjoying something of a renaissance in the form of labels, coming to be used in a much wider and more versatile set of situations than it was previously.

What is a Zebra Printer?

Zebra printers are small, portable devices which allows you to produce barcode labels with ease, making it possible for your business or organisation to start using barcodes to transform your approach to overcoming a variety of different common challenges. Before long, you can rest assured that you’ll be joining the huge and growing list of companies which see their productivity and efficiency soar as a result of the careful and thorough application of barcode technology.

The Benefits of a Zebra Barcode Printer

If you’re one of the many people who still believes that barcodes are only every used at the checkouts of grocery stores, it’s time to think again. In fact, barcodes are now being used in businesses in every industry, for everything from inventory and asset management to advertising and marketing.

When you choose to make the switch to utilising the power of barcodes for some of these important business functions, you’ll quickly begin to notice the dramatic improvements in performance – especially if you’ve still been sticking with conventional methods like pen and paper for keeping track of stock and inventory.

Firstly, your Zebra printer barcode labels will allow you to enjoy much higher levels of accuracy (with some data suggesting that pen and paper asset management and stock taking leads to an error every 300 characters, while for barcodes the figure is more like one for every 36 trillion). Plus, you’ll undoubtedly find that you and your team are saving huge amounts of time which would previously have been spent initially recording raw data – and then tracing up errors at a later date.

And of course, your advertising team will quickly be able to print labels to be used on products, leaflets, posters or anywhere else, enabling them to convey new information and interact directly with customers.

Buy Zebra Printing Products Online at DAL

When it comes to buying products from Zebra, Australia has nowhere better to offer than Dial a Label, the nation’s premium online label product retailer. Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation in the industry for providing top-quality products at consistently low prices – and, as a result, we’ve grown to be one of Australia’s leading suppliers of labels and printers.

In order to buy a Zebra printer from us, simply browse our intuitive online store until you find the product you’re looking for, before placing your order at the touch of a button. We’ll ensure that your chosen item is promptly dispatched and delivered straight to your address, wherever you happen to be in Australia.

The Best Zebra Printers label in Australia

You will get the best label printing results from a Zebra printing machine, and the best place to pick up a Zebra printer is Dial-A-Label. We are the biggest supplier of Zebra printers label in Australia, trusted by more businesses than any other importer of label printing supplies.

Are You Looking For a Zebra Printer in Australia?

Nobody knows more about the business of label printing than us, so whenever you need advice or assistance with buying label printing technology, get in touch with us here at Dial-A-Label so we can help you.

The advantage you will get by choosing a Zebra printer is the outstanding product quality and reliability that comes from buying a printer designed for industrial use.

Why Choose DAL for Your Zebra Printer?

Strong construction to protect internal parts

The majority of zebra printers, with the exception of those designed for portable use, feature all metal cases with sealed internal compartments to protect sensitive electronics from infiltration by dust, wind, rain, etc. Zebra printers are safe, reliable, and economical.

Flexible connectivity options and platform support

The have good connectivity and a wind range of platform compatibility, with drivers available for most models to suit Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Unix, BSD, Android, and iOS. Most models can connect via USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Some also support RS232, Parallel, and/or Ethernet connectivity.

Choose between direct thermal, thermal transfer, or both

Zebra printers are available to support direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing. Many models will support both printing modes, and you’ll be able to select the most appropriate mode for the job you are processing.

Excellent range of print resolutions to suit a variety of purposes

Sometimes fine detail is not so important, but sometimes it really is the most important thing. Zebra printers are available in resolutions ranging from 200 dpi to 600 dpi for outstanding thermal printing results.

Buying Zebra Printers from Dial-A-Label is a smart move

Dial-A-Label was on of the first importers to offer Zebra printers in Melbourne, and we’ve since expanded to become the absolute best place to get a Zebra printer in Australia.

We make everything easy for you from start to finish. All the products and supplies you need for your label printing requirements are conveniently located in one place, and it’s really easy to place your orders online using our secure ordering system.

All products are shipped quickly and will be delivered direct to your door. We provide generous after sales support, and all products are covered by warranties. If your label products and ribbons do not reach you in top condition, you can return them to us for refund or exchange, subject to our return policy.

Contact Dial-A-Label Australia For Your Zebra Printer

Zebra printers are sold with customer care service programs attached, and this provides you with even more reassurance that you can depend on the products you receive.

As our customer, you are important to us, and we will not let you down. For more information about any of our products and services, please call us on the number shown on this page or use our contact form to leave a message.

Zebra MOB ZQ520

This is our largest mobile zebra printer, designed for quick and easy use in the field, whatever field that may happen to be. These are strong, rugged printers that can connect to your mobile communications device over WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0 connections, officially supporting Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms.

Zebra RW 420

Similar to the ZQ520 but even smaller and more compact, the RW420 can go just about anywhere with you. The “RW” in the name stands for “Road Warrior” and as you’d imagine it’s a super tough unit that won’t let you down in the field. It supports Bluetooth 2.0 or higher connections, 802.11b/g and WiFi.

Zebra ZD410

Designed as a more heavy duty competitor to the popular Dymo desktop printers, these direct thermal laser printers from Zebra are robust, reliable, and very easy to use. The tiny desktop footprint of the ZD410 means it will fit just about any space. A special version is available for use in healthcare environments. Call for details.

H2 Zebra GC420D & GC420T

These models are identical except that the 420D version only supports direct thermal printing, while the 420T supports both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing. The printers feature an  all metal construction for durability, and a small desktop footprint that won’t clutter your space.

Zebra GK420D & GC420T

These printers follow the same terminology as described above, and come in normal and Ethernet variations. The normal versions have serial, parallel and USB connectors, while the Ethernet version adds network connectivity through an included 10/100 Ethernet interface.

Zebra GX420T & GX430T

As with the above models, but even more advanced and heavy duty. The 430T model is able to print at up to 300 dpi.

Zebra ZT230

A good entry level midrange printer for heavy duty industrial use. It is fast and powerful, built for industrial environments.

Zebra ZT410

This printer has a common GUI with the ZT230, but it’s even more advanced and can produce a higher print quality.

Zebra ZT420

As above, but still more advanced and still higher quality.

Zebra Xi4 Series

For the ultimate in industrial grade label printing, the Xi4 series is the most high speed heavy duty option around. Outstanding print quality, high print run length, and suited to continuous operating environments such as factories and warehouses.

From wristbands to ribbons, desktop printers to mobile printers, Zebra has earned its stripes as a leading brand in the label industry. DAL stocks a large range of Zebra label products, including printing equipment and accessories. Founded in 1969, the Zebra brand is known today for its innovation and willingness to explore new technology to deliver a complete solution.
We stock a wide range of Zebra label printers, including Zebra mobile printers and Zebra desktop printers. We even sell Zebra labels, including Zebra wax ribbons and Zebra resin ribbons.

Contact Dial-A-Label to find out more

We’d love the chance to help you choose the best printer and labels to meet the needs of your business. To get more information, simply call the number shown on this page or use our contact form to leave a message.

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