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Printing thermal labels directly is an efficient way to satisfy the label printing needs of your business, saving you both time and money.

DAL provides direct thermal labels for mobile printers.

These labels are compatible with popular mobile thermal label printers that accept a roll size with a 19mm core, and they’re fantastic value as you’ll get 4000 labels, each measuring 100mm by 152mm.

Direct Thermal Labels are Easy to Work With

The generous gutter space around each label makes it easy to peel the strong labels from the smooth backing material, which is also perforated to make detaching labels from the roll quick and easy.

Once separated from the backing material, the labels will attach to any dry, clean, flat surface. They can also, if properly placed, be attached to plastic wrap and other soft surfaces as long as they are stretched tight and are not too porous.

For best results, attach to smooth surfaces

A porous, rough, or noduled surface will sometimes not provide sufficient surface area for the labels to attached strongly. This is also the reason why they don’t attach permanently to your fingers, but may attach readily to gloves in some circumstances.

After printing, avoid prolonged exposure to heat

These labels are white in colour by default, but may change colour if left close to a heat source or for a prolonged period in strong sunlight, because the chemicals in the label are sensitive to heat, and will change colour when heated.

Direct thermal printers work by focusing the heat onto precise areas of the label surface. This ensures that only the portion of the label that should be affected by heat is the area that is supposed to be. The precision gives you a very clean print every time, and is even more reliable than inkjet printing in terms of giving you a crisp result.

Because the labels are heat sensitive, they will fade more quickly than ink or laser printed labels if they’re exposed to any significant heat source for too long, and as previously stated, the label surface can also become discoloured when exposed to heat.

Thermal labels out-perform others in some conditions

Under normal use conditions, and particularly in wet areas, thermally printed labels may provide superior results compared to alternatives such as ink printed or laser printed labels. Obviously it is best not to get any labels wet, but thermally printed labels don’t have any surface pigments to wash off.

The other attractive feature of thermally printed labels is they can be printed very quickly, don’t require any drying time, don’t create noxious fumes during printing, and don’t consume toner or ink.

Basic labels for inexpensive general purpose labelling

These thermal labels for mobile printers are rectangular in shape, with slightly rounded corners. They are strong and durable, easy to peel, and give clear, crisp results for easy reading. You can print images, text, or a combination of both. Owing to the nature of thermal printing, it is normally only possible to create monochrome labels.

If you are in need of a high quality thermal label printer, we also offer a very affordable StarExpress Thermal printer and labels bundle. With DAL, you can purchase 4 rolls of Direct Thermal Labels of 100mm x150mm size, each with 500 labels plus a Zebra GC420d desktop thermal printer valued at over $635 for just $548.90. Our Startrack Express bundle offers a very cost-effective option for any business with an immediate need for thermal label printing.

For all of your label needs, trust in Australia’s leading online provider of all things label and label printing – that’s us, DAL!

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