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DAL supplies the best labels, printers and ribbons in the industry.

Welcome to DAL. Our offer is simple: We offer the best labels and printing supplies in Australia, at the lowest prices, with the quickest turnaround time.

As one of the biggest and longest-running label manufacturers in the industry, we pride ourselves on giving you and your business unrivalled products, support and service.

We partner with customers of all sizes — from huge companies dealing with thousands of packages a day to new and small businesses — to help make their shipping and logistics operations smooth, professional and cost-effective.

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Printer Labels , Printers & Supplies

When it comes to finding the best company for all your label printing needs, DAL (Dial A Label Pty Ltd) is an Australian name you can trust.

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Are you in need of new label printer?

As one of the largest Australian owned and operated printer label manufacturers, we offer one of the best selections of printer labels in...

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Genuine printer labels at competitive prices - and all available on next day delivery

When it comes to printer labels and label printers, you won't find a...

When it comes to printer labels and label printers, you won't find a better selection anywhere else in the country. We also stock a wide variety of top quality printer ribbons and, as an official distributor of Zebra ribbons, you can be sure that all our ribbons are genuine.

With so many ribbons in stock you can rest assured that whichever ribbons your printer needs, they'll always be available for next day delivery. That means that you'll never run out of ribbons for your printer when you need them most.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed on all of our labels & printers

When you choose to order your printing supplies from DAL you're not only guaranteed a top class service, but you'll be given our own...

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Contact us now to discuss your label printer needs

If you'd like to find out more about our selection of printer labels, label makers or label printers, simply call us now on 03 9764 2882 or..

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Here at DAL, we know how important it is to feel you can rely on your suppliers.

This is especially important if your business packages and ships large volumes of parcels. That’s why we offer you our next day delivery promise.

Other suppliers can take up to a week to fulfill your order. Don’t put your customers out just because your label supplier moves slowly.

Find The Same Label At A Better Price And We’ll Beat It By 5%

Providing you the finest labels and printing supplies is the backbone of our business. And giving you a better rate than any of our competitors is in our DNA. That’s why when you buy from DAL, you can be 100% sure you’re getting your labels and printing support at the best possible rate.

Should you find a better price anywhere else, here’s what we’ll do.

If you email the lower price — and the website you found it on — to sales@dal.com.au, we’ll verify the price and beat it by 5%.

That’s how confident we are that DAL can offer you the lowest prices on your labels, printers, printheads and ribbons.

Choose Dial-A-Label for the Best Value in Label Printers

Dial-A-Label is an Australian company that specializes in all things related to labels and label printing. We can print labels for you, or you can opt to do it yourself.

If you are doing it yourself, you’re going to need a quality label printer, and Dial-A-Label is the perfect place to supply this and all the other things you’re going to need.

As a specialist supplier, we’re able to provide better value to you because we stock the best brands in sufficient quantity that we can pass on our volume buying savings to you.

For quality products, superior service, and the best value prices on label printers and printer label stock, choose Dial-A-Label.

What you need to think about before choosing a label printer

Now you know Dial-A-Label is the best place to get your label printer from, it’s important to make sure you choose the right printer to suit your needs. What follows is just a brief guide, but don’t worry – if after reading this you’re still not sure what the right printer choice is for you, we’re here to help. Just give us a call or leave a message on our contact form, and we’ll be happy to help with advice.

Things to consider when buying a label maker

Purpose. Of all the things to consider, purpose is the most important. Your needs are going to be different, for example, if you need labels for an office environment compared to a retail environment., and your needs will be different again in a factory environment. Some things to think about are:

  • Do you need to print just one individual label at a time, and only occasionally? A small thermal label printer will most likely be the best choice to suit this need.
  • Do you need to print large quantities of labels with similar but variable data all at once? A sheet feed multi-label printer may be the best choice.
  • Do you need to print thousands of identical labels per hour on a continual basis? An industrial roll feed printer is highly suited to this purpose.
  • Is economy the most important factor for you? A thermal label printer may be your best choice because it does not require any ink or toner, and will typically outlast the lifespan of other printer types.
  • Is high print quality the most important factor for you? Inkjet and laser label printers usually give superior image quality and longer lasting results.
  • Do you need to print in multiple colours? Inkjet label printers give the best results for multi-colour printing.

Other factors to keep in mind when buying a label printer

  • Printing Speed. How quickly a printer performs depends on the size and type of print head, how many labels are fed to the printer at once, size of the labels, and the rate of spooling.
  • Operating system compatibility. Most printers work with Microsoft Windows, and a slightly smaller number also work with Mac OSX. An even smaller number are able to work with Linux, Unix and BSD “out of the box”, but drivers can be downloaded for many of the ones that are not officially supported. Some industrial printer models are made with onboard SBC technology that runs Linux so they can be operated as stand-alone devices without needing to attach to an external computer.
  • Ink-fastness. This refers to the durability of the ink or toner after it is applied to the label. Some injket printers have waterproof ink that won’t run or streak if the label gets wet (which could be important in maritime environments, for example). The quality of thermal labels will be severely affected when exposed to strong sunlight for any considerable time, or when exposed to high radiant heat.
  • Reliability. In office environments, reliability is not normally a major concern. In a factory environment, having to stop production to fix a printer problem would be a costly annoyance. Sheet feed printers are more likely to suffer problems than printers that feed labels from a roll, belt, or spool.
  • Cost. You need to think about not only the upfront cost but also the ongoing operational costs. Some printers with a high upfront cost may actually be more economical over the long term.
  • Eco-friendliness. If your business is promoted as an environmentally responsible one, or you simply want to make environmentally responsible choices, some printers have significantly lower environmental impact than others.

Questions about any of our labels or printers?

We are here to help with all your label printing needs. You can ask us anything and we will be happy to help to the best of our ability. As your local label printing specialist, we know a lot about labels and printing, so get in touch whenever you need us.

Order From Label Specialists With More Than 30 Years’ Experience

If you want the highest quality, lowest price, FASTEST delivered labels and commercial printing products for your business, speak with us here at DAL.

Our dedicated customer service team will set up an account for you and look after everything you need to ensure smooth, reliable and friendly service every time.

Speak with DAL today and you’ll get:

One day turnaround on every order no matter how big or small*

Our best price guarantee — find a lower price on any product and we’ll beat it by 5%

The friendliest, most expert customer support team in the printing industry

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