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We offer the best selection of  label printers to suit your industry needs.

Our label printers come in different formats, including Mobile label printers, for printing on the go. Our Zebra desktop printers are our some of our best sellers.

Sticker Label printers facilitate the quick and easy printing of labels in the workplace. At DAL, we are proud to offer one of the best online selections of label printers Australia has to offer. We are also proud to stock an expansive range of mobile label printers, desktop label printers, mid-range label printers and high-performance label printers.Whatever purpose you require label printers or labels for, we can meet your needs. We are the preferred provider of all things labels and label printers in Australia. Dial A Label service personal users, small businesses and large enterprises effectively offering everything from small label printers to colour label printers, office label printers, commercial label printer machines and tag printer machines.

Label Printers for sale in Australia

Shop online for the best label printers Sydney and Melbourne has to offer from leading brands with the Dial A Labels online store. We are official Zebra label printers stockists, offering a range of great Zebra printers and label bundles at incredibly low prices.

Among our desktop label machines include the fantastic Zebra GC220d StarExpress label printer. This thermal label printer offers great value for money if you’re looking for a basic desktop printer. Featuring a 5 inches per second print speed, this printer is ideal if your printing volume requirements are low to medium.

If you are looking for a mobile handheld label printer, the Road Warrior 420 mobile printer is a great choice. This weather and temperature resistant limited-label printer is IP54-rated for the tough landscapes and weather conditions that are so common in Australia.

The Road Warrior heavy duty label printer offers an LCD display for both battery and network status, vehicle cradles for useful on-the-road operations and card readers to facilitate in-the-field payment processing.

Label Printer Machines for Any Industry

At Dial A Label, we also offer a selection of mid-range commercial label printers and thermal label printers. The Zebra ZT230 printer is one of the best mid-range printers there is. It offers a stylish space-saving design, easy setup, intuitive user operation, and it’s easy to maintain and service.

Need a high performance label printer? We even offer a series of Zebra high performance printers via our online store. The 110XI4 Label Printer is a great, affordable high performance label printer option, developed to improve overall operational productivity and efficiency in an assortment of environments.

For the best label printers Melbourne, Sydney and indeed all of Australia has to offer online, be sure to make Dial A Label your first port of call. We offer your complete one stop shop for all your label and label printing needs.

Whether you require a replacement label printer, label printer parts, supplies or accessories, label sheets or label printers colour label rolls, we have got it all! Don’t see the product that you require on our online store? Feel free to call our team for expert advice and assistance.

The Best Label Printers in Australia

Dial-A-Label has been in business for a good many years now, but the only thing that has really changed since the first day we opened our doors is how much we’ve grown.

We started with the simple goal to be the biggest and best outlet for label printers in Melbourne, and after achieving that, we became the biggest dealer of label printers in Sydney. Now we are well on our way of achieving our dream to become the greatest dealers of label printers in Australia.

Achieving success in such a competitive market isn’t easy, but we have made it possible by providing a consistent standard in quality and value, which our customers respect and the smartest of our competitors try to copy.

In Need of a Specific Label Printer?

But there can only be one Dial-A-Label, and we’re it. We are the specialists for label printers and label machines, and we can even supply a tag printer for those who need more than just labels. Competitors can’t beat us because we stock a better range of the best quality products with genuine value prices and even more value added service.

When you buy from Dial-A-Label, you always know you are getting quality products with a full warranty and no nonsense. We provide fast shipping direct to your door, and after sales service is always just a phone call or email away.

The bottom line is we are your reliable source for all things connected to label and tag printing, and the best place to buy label printers in Australia.

Label Printers: More of everything, and it’s better

Dial-A-Label a label has everything you need for label printing, all in one place. Our range includes thermal printers, mailing labels to supermarket price tags. Buying from us is convenient, fast, and worry-free.

We made it easy to buy label printers and label supplies online, and we have continued the practice of simplifying and improving all kinds of transactions through our business. We want to ensure that your shopping experience with Dial-A-Label is always a positive one.

Whether you order online or by more traditional methods, you can expect flawless service every time. As our customer, you could not be more important to us. We are always striving to give our best service, and to improve in whatever ways we can.

These policies have been fundamental driving forces in our achievements up to now. We expect that by avoiding complacence and being every mindful of the needs of our customers, we will continue going from strength to strength.

Contact Australia’s Label Printer Experts Today!

We also have a policy of only stocking products that meet our strict standards for quality and integrity. Customers never need to worry that the products they buy from us will be weak or poorly made.

Our printers are robust and durable, made from quality materials to high standards of workmanship, and incorporating the best innovations in printing technology.

Our label and tag stock is selected for the quality of paper, and proper adhesive abilities in the case of labels.

The inks and toners we select for non-thermal printers chosen for their fine results and outstanding durability.

To find out more, contact us by calling the phone number shown on this page, or use our contact form to leave a message for us.

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