Spare Printheads

Imagine you were part of the way through a massive print run when suddenly the printer stops working.

What can you do in the face of such a disaster? Well, the smart contigency to have in place is a spare thermal print head, so the disruption to work flow is kept to a minimum.Quite different to a regular printhead, thermal printers don’t use ink or toner, so the printhead doesn’t have the usual shape or parts that you’d see on other label printers types.

The Zebra ZT range: foremost in industrial label printing

For industrial grade label printing, DAL recommends and supports Zebra printers. Currently DAL provides two models of thermal printer head replacement items, namely the ZT410 and ZT420. These are designed to provide a 203dpi output, which is more than sufficient for most labelling tasks.

Compact and light weight for easy shipping and storage

The ZT420 thermal print head is 238.76 mm long, 88.9 mm wide, and 40.64 mm thick. It is also impressively light at only 240.97 grams in weight.

This makes it easy to store, and because it doesn’t have the same moving parts that you find on laser printer print heads and inkjet printer print heads, it’s very strong and durable.

Suited for all thermal printing tasks

Thermal print heads can be used with both direct thermal printing and also thermal transfer printing. For most users, direct print will be the best option to use.

Print heads should be considered for replacement if they show any sign of deterioration in quality of the results the printer produces. This is especially the case with thermal printing, where there should not be any need to make adjustments, as print quality should generally be consistent between print runs.

An essential contingency

It is exceptionally rare for a print head to actually need replacing, but it is best to be prepared in advance for the possibility, however rare it may be. This is only a sensible precaution, and one that any responsible business owner or manager should make sure has priority.

In this way, the work place remains efficient and on schedule, with minimal disruption in case of hardware failure. It is certainly much less expensive to have spare print heads on hand than to halt work for hours or even days while waiting for a replacement print head to be shipped to you.

Buying from DAL means buying with confidence

Buying from DAL is always the most sensible option for all your label printing needs. We can’t be beaten on price or performance.

We have a constant, reliable range of stock on hand, provide same day or next day shipping on most orders, can deliver to anywhere in Australia, and all print heads come with a 12 month warranty.

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