Zebra Thermal Transfer Label Printers

When your label printing needs have outgrown the basics, you will need a thermal transfer printer, and the very best are Zebra thermal transfer printers. Available now from DAL, the zebra direct thermal label printer  are in a class of their own.

Why choose a Zebra thermal label printer?

Widely recognized as a global leader in label printing technology, Zebra is an innovative tech company based in the US, with annual sales at just over $4 billion. Zebra thermal transfer label printer are engineered to be rugged and tough enough to withstand industrial conditions. As a major corporation with a solid history and excellent reputation, Zebra provides one of the most iron-clad warranties any tech company is willing to offer.

The main competitor to Zebra in Australia is the well-known Dymo brand. Of course, Dymo also makes an excellent range of label printers, but there are some key differences that ensure Zebra comes out well ahead in terms of quality and value, even though the price tag is also typically higher by comparison.

How the Zebra thermal printer range beats Dymo for high volume printing

We love Dymo label printers for their intended purpose, which is occasional “on demand” label printing where the main consideration is a quick result. Dymo labels are also not very well suited to use in outdoor conditions, so this is something to keep in mind when you are choosing a label printer.

Most thermal label printers in the Zebra range are intended for more heavy duty use. One of the most major differences is in the way the print head functions. Dymo printers use the direct thermal printing method. In this method, the print head rests directly against specially treated label stickers and uses focused heat to “burn” the image directly onto the paper.

This zebra thermal printers is fine if you’re just printing a small batch of labels. But because the print head is resting directly on the label surface, if you print huge volumes of labels per day, you’ll eventually run into trouble due to all the friction and vibration that results from this direct contact.

Nothing beats Zebra thermal transfer printers

With only a few exceptions, Zebra printers use the thermal transfer printing method. This offers many advantages. The most important advantage is that the print head never touches the paper, so you can print much higher volumes of labels without the risk of overheating or damage.

Thermal transfer labels also won’t fade or discolour as rapidly as direct thermal labels when exposed to sunlight. If wax or resin ribbons are used, then the label will also have some degree of water resistance.

A Zebra desktop thermal transfer printer gives you a choice

When you choose a Zebra desktop printer, you have the option of using either direct thermal printing or thermal transfer printing; whichever is more suitable for your immediate need.

Direct thermal printing is simple and economical for small print runs, and may sometimes be the best choice. Thermal transfer is usually the best choice for larger print runs. Because the Zebra thermal label printer lets you decide which print head to use for the job at hand, you don’t need to bother with having separate label printers for each type of task.

Zebra thermal label printers available now from DAL

DAL is Australia’s best value supplier of label printers and thermal printer supplies. We guarantee to give you the best deal on the purchase of a new Zebra thermal printer.

Other advantages to buying from DAL include a fair return policy, flat rate shipping anywhere in Australia, as well as our famous prompt and courteous service.

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