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Durability and clarity are vital when producing labels for the healthcare sector. Zebra wristband print solutions allow immediate access to critical patient information, across all hospital departments and at the bedside. With Zebra’s HC100 Patient ID Solution admissions staff can produce barcoded, antimicrobial-coated, long-lasting wristbands. Information is readily accessible and visible at the bedside and across all hospital departments with our healthcare laser label products. Read more…

Are You Looking for Healthcare, Hospital or Medical Label Printers?

The healthcare industry entails a fast paced environment with urgent needs and constant requests. There are no compromises to be made on the products and tools being used by healthcare workers to help them continue doing their jobs efficiently.

That said; DAL (Dial A Label) is a proud supplier of top quality printers, labels and stickers for the healthcare industry. We make sure to sell and provide printers and labels that workers in this sector can rely on, so that they are relaying and keeping track of vital information as efficiently as possible.

More Than Healthcare Labels at DAL

It’s incredible to ponder on the amount of information that is being shared, communicated and stored within the healthcare industry. Whether information entails the details of a blood test or the details regarding a patient’s current condition, having a reliable healthcare printer and quality healthcare labels on hand will ensure the information is properly noted and stored for future reference.

Not only are these tools essential in providing clearly legible information, but they must also produce labels and print-outs quickly, as the healthcare industry is one in need of quick results. Being able to get a hold of custom medical labels quickly is often necessary in urgent cases as patients lives are at stake.

In fact, a highly functioning and reliable hospital label printer can save lives. Thus, zebra healthcare printers have become a staple in hospitals and healthcare centres across Australia due to their durability, reliability, ease of use and clarity of print.

We Stock a Wide Range of Healthcare Printer Labels

Here at DAL, we are proud suppliers of these medical label printing products, allowing immediate access to critical patient information, across all hospital departments and at the bedside. Among our many products, we carry:

healthcare printers
● healthcare printer labels
● Medicine label printer
● medical stickers of all sorts
● medical barcode stickers

Zebra Healthcare Printers

Buying computer hardware for use in healthcare environments can have some additional requirements compared to most other work environments. Hygiene, for example, is an important consideration in many healthcare environments, and when it comes to choosing label printers to use in these conditions, you will need to choose carefully.

Zebra provides a range of quality printers that meet or exceed the requirements for a healthcare printer. These printers are available in Australia from Dial-A-Label, the leading supplier of healthcare printers and healthcare labels in the nation.

Why Choose a Zebra Printer for the Healthcare Industry?

You can buy a dedicated hospital label printer for printing patient wrist identification bands, and likewise in the pharmacy department you could definitely not do without a medicine label printer.

Dial-A-Label can supply all these different printer types and also your healthcare printer labels as well.

Zebra makes a wide range of printers to suit a wide range of purposes. These printers are the best in their class, and there are special design features that make them optimal choices for healthcare settings.

Portable mobile thermal printers are suitable for use in outdoor emergency situations and would be useful for paramedics, rescue workers, field vaccination workers, search parties, transplant couriers and others who may need to quickly record and print data in a universally legible form. These printers are also capable of printing barcodes and QR codes, so they have the potential to be very versatile field assets.

Types of Zebra label printers

At the triage and admissions level, small desktop label printers, including the afore-mentioned identification printers, can be useful time savers that ensure accurate legibility, so there is reduced chance of mistakes being made.

Desktop label printers can also be useful for medicine labels, specimen jar labels, agar plate labels, blood bag labels, medical chart labels, and many other purposes.

For more heavy duty situations where high numbers of labels need to be produced quickly, there are larger Zebra printer models that can meet this need.

Design advantages of Zebra printers

It is the way Zebra printers are designed and built that makes them so highly suited to use in healthcare environments. As they are fully enclosed units, it is easy to clean and sanitize them to hospital grade standards of hygiene.

The enclosed design also decreases the risk of infiltration by body fluids and airborne pathogens, so there is in turn less chance of diseases being carried from one place to another when printers are transported between different areas within the healthcare building.

Contact Dial-A-Label for more information

We are pleased to be a leading supplier of printer and label stock equipment to the healthcare industry in Australia, and we are keen to help you discover more of the potential for a Zebra printers to be an asset in your healthcare organization.

To find out more, simply call us on the number shown on this page, or use our contact form to leave a message for us. We will reply to you as soon as possible. With Dial-A-Label you are always assured of excellent service and the best value.

We Also Offer Custom Medical Labels & Stickers

A medical label printer is a necessity in every healthcare facility and there is no reason to forego quality in this particular sector. In fact, information is easily accessible and visible by all practitioners and patients at the bedside and across all hospital departments with Zebra’s line of healthcare laser label products. DAL understands the needs of both patients and healthcare workers, which is why we pride ourselves in carrying quality Zebra products, like these, to ensure information never gets lost.

Looking for a medicine label printer / medical label printer that you can rely on when administering prescriptions to patients? Find the line of Zebra printers and direct thermal labels at DAL today, and be sure to invest in technology and products that help you do your job best.

Give us a call today at (03) 9764 2882 to find out more.

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