Thermal Transfer Labels 150mmx210mm total QTY 3,000 Labels

$145.20 incl. GST

Thermal Transfer permanent labels 150mm x 210mm on a 76mm core for Midrange Printers.

Thermal Transfer printing utilizes a thermal ribbon to print the information or image onto a label The print head heats the ink-coated ribbon, which transfers the ink onto the label where it forms the printed information. Thermal Transfer labels offer a higher durability than Direct Thermal and are more suitable for use where extended use is necessary, such as with retail or extended-use barcodes or warehouse location marking.

Paper Type

Thermal Transfer


Permanent Adhesive

Core Size

76mm Cores


Label Size


Labels per Roll

750 (roll diameter 203mm)

Total Labels Per Carton

4 rolls of 750 total 3,000 labels

Label Type

Printer Type


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