Zebra Label Printer Ribbons

In recent years it has become an increasing problem that the electronics market is being flooded with counterfeit and fake accessories for brand name products. An equally large problem is the emergence of substandard generic “alternative brand” accessories that claim to be equal to the real thing in every way except price.
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Why choose Zebra label printer ribbons?

It would be just fine for consumers if these items really were equal, but the truth is they’re not, and these non-genuine products could cause plenty of problems for you. At the very least, if something does go wrong with your appliance and it’s found that this is due to using non-genuine parts, you’ll lose your warranty cover.

Always use genuine Zebra ribbons in your Zebra printer ribbon replacement 

For a small business, that’s not such a big deal. For bigger businesses, it’s more of a problem because such a business may have multiple assets from the same manufacturer.

If one returned product is found to have failed because of using non-genuine parts, the manufacturer may assume that the customer used non-genuine parts in all their products of the same type, and that could affect the speed of processing future warranty claims.

Zebra printers are very high-tech for label printers, which means they’re quite sensitive in a lot of ways. Of course, they are also well built and will stand up to a lot of punishment, but when it comes to matters involving the internal electronics and the materials you use with them, it’s a different situation. Those sensitive electronics can suffer in many ways if you’re not using authentic Zebra printer ribbons with them.

What makes a Zebra label printer ribbon so special?

The first thing to understand about these ribbons is that they’re thermal transfer ribbons, and that means a technology very different to ordinary printer ribbons.

Each manufacturer makes their printer ribbons in a way that is best suited to the printers they make. In the case of Zebra label printer ribbons, they are made specifically for use with Zebra printers.

What that actually means is that even if you can get your Zebra ribbons working with a different brand of printer, it’s not a good idea to do so, and conversely using other brands of ribbons with Zebra printers should be considered as a bad idea as well.

We’re Australia’s leading Zebra ribbons distributors

As thermal transfer ribbons, certain chemicals are used in very precise amounts, calibrated to provide the correct degree of image transfer and also to cope with the specific heat output of the Zebra printer. It should be easy to understand that a ribbon made for another brand may be intended for quite a different level of heat.

Other problems could include the physical dimensions of the ribbon. It’s possible that using a ribbon that’s not quite right may work for a bit of time, but it definitely increases the possibility of something slipping or pinching somewhere along the way. That could physically damage the printer. In the worst case scenario, remembering that this printing method involves application of focused heat, a malfunction due to improper operation could start a fire.

Where to get your Zebra printer ribbon replacement

Because it’s important to be sure you’re using a genuine replacement ribbon for your printer, you should only buy from authorized Zebra ribbons distributors such as DAL.

Another good reason to buy your Zebra ribbon from us is that we guarantee to give you the best value on your purchase. We will beat any genuine quote, and you can also benefit from our flat rate shipping and generous returns policy.

Buying from DAL means good value, great service, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re always getting genuine products that are fully compatible with the technology you’re using.
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