Zebra G Series Desktop Printers

In the world of label printing, Zebra has the reputation as a manufacturer of elite level industrial label printers. With this new Zebra G series desktop printer, you get many of the features that make Zebra industrial printers so great, plus a few extras, all in a compact desktop form factor.
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Introducing the Zebra GC420 Desktop Printer

This versatile label printer is the real deal, offering a choice between economical direct thermal printing or reliable high speed heavy duty thermal transfer printing. It’s the best of both worlds, and you can get this quality printer right now from DAL.

Features of the Zebra GC420t Thermal Label Printer

Here are some more things you’re going to love about the Zebra GC420 range:

  • Super quiet operation. The GC420 quietly and confidently gets the job done without disturbing others.
  • 32 BIT internal processor. Data sent from the computer is processed lightning fast by the powerful internal processor, for fast and efficient printing results.
  • 8MB SDRAM, plus 8MB flash memory
  • Can print to label sizes up to 104 x 991 mm
  • Support for full range of unicode character sets
  • International font packs available for installation
  • Keyboard Display Unit (KDU) allowing stand-alone printing without the need for connection to a PC or other data source

Budget-friendly Zebra GC420d Thermal Label Printer

Having all the features of its G series printer brothers, but without the option for thermal transfer printing, this printer may be the best choice for those who only occasionally need to print labels.

G-Series Label Printers: Compact form factor for versatility and convenience

The Zebra GC420 printer range is powerful, but compact enough to be used almost anywhere. The printer weighs 1.4kg (GC420d) to 1.5kg (GC420t) and have physical dimensions of 201 x 170 x 208 mm.

The impressive weight is an indication of the high quality parts used in the construction of this desktop label printer, and also means it won’t shift around accidentally on your desk surface. Those who have used other small label printers will be familiar with the common problem of printers being pulled out of alignment by their own USB or ethernet cables. Sturdy and solid, it’s never a problem with the Zebra GC420 label printer, yet this printer is still small and light enough to easily move from place to place.

Taking the desktop label printer off the desktop

Concerned about wasting your precious desktop space? Well the “desktop” in the name of this printer is really just there to describe it’s ultra-compact form factor, not actually a rule about where you have to put it.

By using desktop adapters (extension arms) it’s possible to reclaim desk space while still keeping the printer close to hand. It’s a great way to make this already versatile unit even more convenient and practical.

G-Series Label Printers Available from DAL

The best place to buy the remarkable Zebra GC420 desktop thermal label printers in Australia is DAL. We offer the best value deals on label printers and print supplies, and we guarantee to beat any genuine quote you receive from another supplier. Our generous return policy and flat rate shipping are also good reasons to choose DAL.
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On Sale

On Sale

Star Track Labels – Zebra ZD220d Printer Bundle Offer

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