Thermal Transfer Labels 35mm x 30mm 3 across total QTY 48,000 Labels

$208.56 incl. GST

Thermal transfer permanent labels 35mm x 30mm 3 across on a 76mm core  for Midrange Printers.

Thermal Transfer printing utilizes a thermal ribbon to print the information or image onto a label. The print head heats the ink-coated ribbon, which transfers the ink onto the label where it forms the printed information. Thermal Transfer labels offer a higher durability than Direct Thermal and are more suitable for use where extended use is necessary, such as with retail or extended-use barcodes or warehouse location marking.

Paper Type

Thermal Transfer


Permanent Adhesive

Core Size

76mm Cores


Label Size

35x30mm (3 across)

Labels per Roll

12,000 (roll diameter 203mm)

Total Labels Per Carton

4 rolls of 12,000 total 48,000 labels

Label Type

Printer Type


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