Flockwatch Labels Direct Thermal Labels 100mmx48mm total QTY 6,000 Labels

$96.80 incl. GST

Direct Thermal is a convenient and cost-effective method of printing labels, from a single label to hundreds or thousands. Unlike Thermal Transfer printing, it doesn’t require a ribbon, so they are even easier to use. The print is formed by exposing the label surface to heat from the thermal printhead, which creates a chemical reaction and brings out the print. However, the print will fade over time, and the labels are sensitive to temperatures or marking from rough handling.

Direct Thermal is mostly used for despatch labels, addressing and short-use barcoding, or for any application where the print does not need to be very hard-wearing or long-lasting.


Paper Type

Direct Thermal


Permanent Adhesive

Core Size

25mm Cores


Label Size


Labels per Roll


Rolls per Carton


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