Zebra Desktop Range Frequently Asked Questions

Can the thermal transfer units operate in direct thermal mode?

Yes. The GK420t, GX420t and GX430t can operate either with or without a ribbon to achieve both direct and thermal transfer modes of operation.

Are the G-Series printers Windows compatible?

Yes. All G-Series printers include a Windows driver. This driver will allow the printer to be used in conjunction with popular Windows applications. The Windows driver will enable the user to design labels in their applications of choice for output directly to the printer. Certified ZebraDesigner drivers are available to download from our web site at

Are the G-series printers compatible with other Zebra printers?

Yes. The G-Series printers have dual resident command language. The co-existent EPL and ZPL allows for seamlessly integration into legacy and current installations. You can swap your older Eltron desktop printers or add to existing applications, including ZPL based mobile, mid-range and high end instillations.

Can the G-Series printers replace legacy Eltron desktops printers?

Yes. The G-series resident EPL Line Mode and EPL2 means that older Eltron desktop application’s code and media handling can be supported

What are the main differences between a GK420 and a GX420?

The GX printer offers faster print speeds, extended memory, real time clock, moveable sensor and cutter options, plus wireless interface options.

When should I direct the customer to buy GX in place of GK?

Many legacy applications can be fulfilled with the appropriate direct thermal or thermal transfer GK printer, but new applications or situations of business improvement might require such features as moveable sensor, cutter, 300dpi resolution or a wireless solution, so this would see a GX printer as the preferred option.

What connectivity options are available?

G-Series printers come as standard with serial, parallel and USB. An internal 10/100 Ethernet option is available on both the GK and GX models.

Ethernet configurations on GK models replace the parallel and serial interface ports. These configurations offer USB and 10/100 Ethernet.

Ethernet configurations on GX models replace the parallel port. These configuration offer serial, USB and 10/100 Ethernet.

802.11b/g wireless radio with LCD display offered in combination with USB and serial interfaces (replaces parallel port) – GX-models only.

Bluetooth with LCD display offered in combination with USB and serial interfaces (replaces parallel port) – GX-models only.

Do the 2844 and G-series have the same serial port parameters?

Yes. Revision 2.0 configurations have an auto-sensing serial port that will work with both straight and null-modem cables.

Note. G-series revision 1.0 configurations use a null-modem serial cable. The specific serial cable has a part number of G105950-054 or alternatively uses the USB that ships with the printer.

Do the G-Series and 2800/3800-Series have the same parallel port configuration?

Yes. Revision 2.0 configurations offer a Centronics parallel port.

Note. G-series revision 1.0 configurations utilised a DB-25 configuration. The specific parallel cable has a part number of 105950-025 or alternatively, uses the USB that ships with the printer.

All G-series printer have dual resident languages. The co-existing EPL2 and ZPLII mean that any G-series printer will understand and process either programming language.

Can I get both 10/100 and Bluetooth on the same printer?

No. Wired and wireless connectivity options are not available on the same unit.

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