Can I create my own set of barcodes?

Yes if you are not intending to sell your barcoded products through the wide retail world such as Coles Myer or a Woolworths type business.  If you are you need to call GS1 on 1300 366 033 and they will license you with set numbers for you to use on your retail products.

If you are not in retail, you do not need to purchase licensed numbers and you are free to use any symbology except EAN, and UPC codes.  We most recommend Code 39 and Code 128.

What is symbology?

A set of rules specifying the way in which data may be represented.

What symbology suits my business?

Code 128 and Code 39 best suits Pathology as they are Alpha Numeric and can have a check digit for security.  You can also fit more data into a Code 128 barcode than in any of the other symbologies.

What is 2D barcoding?

2 Dimensional barcodes are designed to hold a lot more information than linear barcodes and can hold around 3,000 characters.  They are designed to be standalone without having to retrieve the information from a database, for example a doctor could have all of one patients details in a single 2D barcode rather than on the database.

What is a check digit?

A character included within a symbol whose value is based, mathematically, on other characters within the symbol.  It is used to perform a mathematical check to ensure the accuracy of the read.

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