Zebra Thermal Transfer Ribbons

DAL is an authorized Zebra ribbons distributor based in Australia. We can ship your printer ribbons anywhere in Australia at a flat rate, and we also ship to international destinations on request.
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Is it time to replace the thermal transfer ribbon in your Zebra label printer?

Buying from DAL is your assurance that you’re getting genuine Zebra thermal transfer ribbons at the best value prices available. So when it’s time to replace your Zebra thermal ribbon, be sure to buy it from DAL for the best savings, the best service, and the best advice.

Why it’s important to use genuine Zebra replacement parts

Zebra label printers are very high quality, with prices that reflect that quality. It must be said, however, that they are still excellent value for the cost. Buying from DAL means you get the absolute best value.

Because of that slightly higher price tag of Zebra thermal transfer ribbons, some customers can be tempted to try using cheaper alternatives. It can actually cause damage to your printer and potentially void your warranty.

Using genuine Zebra thermal transfer ribbons means you never need to worry about those kinds of problems. Trying to save a few cents on your ribbon replacements could cost you dearly, so do be sure to only use genuine Zebra thermal transfer ribbons with your Zebra printer.

There’s more to a Zebra thermal ribbon than you may think

Most label printers in the Zebra range rely on the thermal transfer ribbon method for printing. A few of them use dual print heads so you can switch between thermal transfer and direct thermal printing depending on the needs of the task at hand, and an even smaller number use only direct thermal print heads.

Zebra thermal transfer ribbons seems simple on the surface, but in fact, there is some complex science involved in making it work. Making the products that make it work also requires a lot of scientific innovation.

Each individual printer manufacturer will have different specifications for their thermal transfer ribbons, and that’s why it won’t be a good idea to use Zebra thermal transfer ribbons intended for use in a different printer. It can be even worse to use generic “off brand” ribbons, because it may not be possible to verify that they’ve been manufactured to even an acceptable standard, let alone the correct standard.

Zebra thermal transfer ribbons are reliable

In particular, it’s important to think about the heat calibration factor. Zebra thermal transfer ribbons work by application of focused heat onto the backing ribbon (which is usually made of a special flexible heat conductive alloy) which then transfers the hot melted ink onto the label surface as it passes through the rollers. If the backing ribbon is made of the wrong substance or doesn’t cope correctly with the heat output of the print head, then a malfunction of some sort can be expected.

A minor malfunction might simply be that the print quality is not as good. A major malfunction could mean the ribbon breaks, the ink melts too much, or even that the printer gets jammed and the heat goes out of control, possibly starting a fire.

Choose genuine Zebra thermal transfer ribbons and you never need to worry about this kind of thing happening.

You can contact us for advice about anything related to label printing

DAL has been around for a long time, and we’ve always been in the label printing business. Our team has a wealth of knowledge about everything related to our industry. We’re always enthusiastic to share our knowledge when it can help our customers achieve better results and get better value on their label printing investment..
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