Church Flockwatch Labels

Many churches across Australia use flockwatch systems to manage congregation data such as person demographics, group memberships, training courses completed and actions Undertaken. Flockwatch systems can be printed using any printer. For printing labels and pick-up cards for things like children’s church sign in however, Flockwatch only provide an interface to the Zebra GK420d, and some other select Zebra label printer models. Read more…

Are You Looking for Church Flockwatch Labels?

Largely the reason being is that such printers offer far less costly printing than with other brands. At DAL (Dial A Label Pty Ltd), it is our desire to ensure that the on-going cost of flockwatch labels to churches is kept to a minimum. That’s why we have developed a range of our own brand church labels that are suitable for various popular printer models.

You can purchase church flockwatch labels at very competitive prices direct from our online store. Our church labels are direct thermal labels, which offer a very cost-effective convenient option for label printing. Unlike thermal transfer labels, direct thermal label printing doesn’t require a label printing ribbon, therefore they are even easier to dispatch.

We’re Australia’s Leading Supplier of Church Labels

A direct thermal label print is formed by exposing the label surface to heat from the thermal print head. In doing so, the printer creates a chemical reaction that quickly brings out the print on the label. A direct thermal label print does fade over time and the labels are sensitive to temperatures or marking from rough handling. However, church labels are only intended for short term use so direct thermal label printing is understandably a very popular choice for church flockwatch label printing as the print need not be hard-wearing or long-lasting.

Our own brand direct thermal church labels have a permanent adhesive and are available to purchase in rolls of 100mm x 48mm labels with 1,500 labels per roll. That means that in each carton of 4 rolls, you get a whopping 6,000 labels.

The Highest Quality Flockwatch Labels

At such a low cost, it’s hard to believe that you get so many labels per carton! We also offer suitable printers for printing church flockwatch labels including Zebra label printers with great printer and label bundles available.

We are a complete label and labelling printer supplier, with an extensive range of products available to purchase from our online store. Whether you require desktop label printers, A4 laser label sheets, thermal transfer labels, removable labels, label printer ribbons or any other label accessory or supply, we can meet your needs.

Questions About Our Church Flockwatch Labels?

Can’t find the product you are looking for? Feel free to contact our expert team for advice and assistance. As Australia’s fastest and most reliable label products provider, we offer incredible customer service, low pricing and an expansive product range.
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