Tag Printers

Many people use the terms “tag printer” and “label printer” interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference. Tag printers can be used to print shelf labels without a problem, but an ordinary label printer should not normally be used for tag printing.
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What’s the difference between a tag printer and a normal label printer?

“Tag” has a special meaning in the retail industry, and particularly in the retail clothing industry. A tag is a piece of card attached to a product by string or nylon, allowing a label to be attached without needing to apply the label directly to the product.

To make the distinction clearer, ordinary labels are located close to the product (on a shelf, for example), but tag labels are located directly on the item’s tag.

Understanding the difference is important because tag labels are subject to a lot more handling than ordinary labels. Imagine thousands of people rubbing their grubby mitts all over your labels all day, and you can see the need for a more heavy duty label that can stand up to that kind of punishment. That’s where a dedicated tag printer will be the best choice for retail environments where tags are used.

Choose a Zebra tag printer for superior results

We chose to stock Zebra tag printers for a reason, and you should buy them for that same reason. Zebra tag printers are considered to be the elite choice for tag printing, providing outstanding results (with an additional option for waterproofing) at an economical cost.

Sure, you could buy a more expensive printer, but it won’t give you noticeably better results than a Zebra printer. Plus the Zebra printer comes with a rock solid warranty, easy access to label stock and replacement parts, and a value price tag. Remember you get even more value when buying from DAL, too, because we guarantee to give you the best price. 

What makes Zebra tag printers so good?

Zebra tag printers are built to a very high standard. You can tell the difference right away when you pick one up. They feel solid and strong, with a dependability that won’t let you down.

Engineered for precision, a Zebra printer can achieve microfine levels of detail without smudging or staining. The option to apply wax or resin in the printing process also helps offset label damage caused by moisture and UV exposure.

Zebra printers also come with excellent software that makes it easy to produce labels of a professional standard for a wide variety of purposes without the need for special training.

Additionally, if you deploy multiple Zebra printers in your work environment, you’ll find extra options such as the Asset Visibility Service that lets you keep track of the location and status of every Zebra asset in your network.

Zebra also provides multiple support channels, allowing you to choose the easiest and most convenient support options to suit your needs. Overall, the reassurance you get from knowing your product is manufactured by a global leader with a strong history of technical excellence is worth every cent you spend.

Find out more about what Zebra tag printing technology can do for your business by contacting DAL today.
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