Label Printers Melbourne

Whether you’re looking to buy a label printer for your business or you simply want to get some labels printed for you, the best value deal you will find is at DAL.
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Best value on label printers in Melbourne

We are dedicated to ensuring our customers get top quality at the best prices, which is why you can confidently buy from us. The brands we are partnered with are brands you can depend on for reliable printing results and safe warranty provisions.

Generous discounts on labels printers in Melbourne

It’s hard to imagine anyone being willing or able to beat our prices on label printers in Melbourne, but even if they could, it wouldn’t benefit them because we guarantee to match any genuine quote.

What makes us so hard to beat is that because we buy huge volumes of printers and print supplies, we’re able to negotiate excellent deals with the manufacturers, allowing us to pass on savings to our customers. In some cases, the savings may be more than 15% off the average price.

To put that in perspective for you, it means that a printer normally costing $1500 could be available for as low as $1275 when a 15% discount is applied.

Of course, the actual amount of the discount can vary depending on the specific product and the time of year, but it’s safe to say you’ll have plenty of chances to save money when buying from us. Plus, because we’re offering to match any lower price you’re offered, it’s always best to buy from us anyway.

Top quality label printers available in Melbourne

We stock only label printers in Melbourne that come from the best label printer manufacturers. Our brands include Dymo, Ricoh, and Zebra. We’ve taken all the hard work out of printer selection by narrowing down the field for you, to include only the best.

Buying from us means the assurance that you’ll have a printer that is easy to operate, provides excellent performance, comes with a rock solid warranty, and will be at the best price.

Dymo – simple and economical

Dymo is probably the most well known name in label printing in Melbourne, chosen by thousands of businesses all across Australia to meet their needs. The reasons are obvious. Most Dymo printers are very economical, with a low purchase price and using a thermal print head, so there’s no need to mess around with ink or toner. Dymo printers are also ridiculously easy to use and the simple software interface makes it a snap for anyone to quickly master basic label printing, no training required.

Zebra – professional performance and reliability

Zebra printers include some smaller models that operate similarly to Dymo printers, using direct thermal printing. However, the larger zebra printers have more options due to using thermal transfer instead of direct thermal printing, and are suited to a wider range of applications.

Printers range from small hand-held wireless units that can be used for quickly printing labels in the field, to large industrial scale units capable of printing many thousands of labels per hour.

Using thermal transfer means you don’t need to use heat-sensitive paper, which in turn means the labels will stand up to more heat and UV exposure than is the case for direct thermal labels. The option to use wax and resin thermal transfer print heads makes it possible to print labels intended for outdoor and marine use.

Buy your next label printer in Melbournefrom DAL and notice the difference

DAL is your best source for label printers in Melbourne. We have top value deals, a price match guarantee, the convenience of online ordering, flat rate shipping, and reliable brand name printers you can trust. In short, there’s every reason to choose DAL when you’re buying your next label printer. Put us to the test and see for yourself.
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ZT420 Printhead 203dpi

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ZD410 Direct Thermal Desktop Printer

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