Discount Label Printer Ribbons

The Best Label Printer Ribbons in Australia

Dial-A-Label is Australia’s biggest supplier of discount printer ribbons to suit all kinds of label printing needs.

When you are considering printer ribbons suppliers, it is important to evaluate how well your chosen supplier can provide you with a consistent high quality supply at the best value prices. Dial-A-Label is the trusted supplier for thousands of business customers throughout Australia.

We are the experts on label printing ribbons, with many years of experience in the label printer ribbon supply business. We have printer ribbons to suit any kind of application, and we certainly have ribbons for your printer.

For the best quality, service, and value, choose Dial-A-Label to supply your label printer ribbons.
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Everything you need to know about thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer printing is the most reliable thermal printing method, outperforming direct thermal printing by a significant margin. Of course direct thermal printing has its advantages, too, but thermal transfer printing is for when print quality and longevity are the most important considerations.

Once you have decided that you definitely want to proceed with thermal transfer printing instead of direct thermal printing, your next big choice is whether you will use wax ribbons or resin ribbons.

The advantage of wax is that it is more economical and will produce a satisfactory result for most conditions. Resin has the advantage of being suited to virtually any conditions, and even though it costs more, that may be worth it for those customers who need ultimate dependability from their labels.

Why Invest in Quality Label Printer Ribbons

Both types of ribbons are equally easy to handle and use, though wax ribbons will need more careful storage. Ideally you should always store all printing equipment as carefully as possible, so this is not really any kind of a deal breaker. If you have the budget for resin, it will usually be the best choice, but wax provides a decent economical result.

Ribbons are also sold in different widths and lengths. The width of a roll may be 40mm or 80mm, sometimes other dimensions depending on the type of labels you’ll be printing. The length will normally be measured in hundreds of metres, and as you would expect, a longer length of ribbon will cost more than a shorter length.

The ribbons themselves are quite strong and should not break under normal operating conditions. If they are mishandled or not installed properly into the printer, then problems can sometimes arise. If you need information about how to install the ribbons and how to handle them, our staff can advise you.

To find out more about label printer ribbons, contact Dial-A-Label

Nobody knows more about the business of label printing than us. Whatever your printing needs are, we will find the way to help you achieve your goals.

For the right advice and the best products, rely on Dial-A-Label to supply what you need. Ordering is easy, we ship products quickly direct to your door, and we provide excellent after sales support. Get in touch today and enjoy better savings on label printing.
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Zebra Ribbon Wax/Resin 60mmx450M CSO 3600

$17.82 incl. GST + GST