Heavy Duty Commercial Label Printers

The Best Commercial Label Printers in Australia

The typical office style printer is intended for occasional use, where you only need to generate individual labels as they are needed.

If you are a more heavy duty label maker, however, you’ll need a commercial label maker to meet your needs. For this purpose, Dial-A-Label supplies and recommends a range of Zebra brand label printers specially designed for heavy duty use.
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Zebra ZT230

This is the cheapest of the heavy duty label printers available from Dial-A-Label, but like all the printers we stock, it is still a quality machine through and through.

Unlike the much cheaper printers designed for ordinary office work, the Zebra ZT230 is built for serious work. It has an all metal case, which makes it strong. That is a desirable feature for any printer, but especially for those costing more than $1000 to buy.

The printer features a GUI control panel on the front so you can easily access common printer functions.

It only has a print resolution of up to 300 dpi, but still does an outstanding job of printing legible machine readable barcodes in many different formats.

Zebra ZT410

The bigger brother to the ZT230, this printer looks very similar and has many features in common, but the ZT410 is capable of printing at resolutions up to 600 dpi, while costing only fractionally more.

It is capable of both direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing, and uses a similar GUI control panel to the one found on the ZT230. There are quite a few differences in technology, however.

The ZT230 only has a USB 2.0 or RS-232 interfaces, while the ZT410 can also communicate via Ethernet and Bluetooth. The printer memory is also expanded, with 512 MB on-board linear flash memory (compared to 128 MB for the ZT230) and 256 MB of SDRAM (compared to 128 MB DRAM on the ZT230).

Zebra 110Xi4 & Zebra 170Xi4

When you are really serious about label printing on an industrial scale, even the ZT models will struggle to keep up with your demand. That’s when you’ll be looking to the 110Xi4 or its bigger brother the 170Xi4 from Zebra Technologies.

These are advertised as “enterprise friendly” printers, intended for use in heavy duty production environments where they may be required to operate 24/7. They are designed to require minimal maintenance even in factory settings. The enclosed operating mechanisms help keep the interior components safe from infiltration by dust and dirt.

The heavy duty steel construction further protects the system internals from harm. You will find these printers in use in many of the worlds busiest production facilities. The high reliability and excellent after sales care programs make these industrial label printers among the best on the market.

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